Leeston Cycle Club


The Leeston Cycle Club encourages a family friendly environment with the emphasis being on having fun, making it enjoyable for all those involved and participating to the best of your ability.


Racing has started for the Season. If you are riding out from town there is a group leaving from the Springs Rd  roundabout @ Lincoln at 5.30pm.


Marshalls are needed for the  Calder Stewart  Hell of the South Race on Sunday 20/10/19.  We will have a sign up sheet at the next Race.  This is a fund raiser for the Club and is much appreciated, plus you get to see some good Racing. 

CYCLING NZ licence- Should be held by all riders. Licencing is now open for 2019


Season starting:

Racing starts on the 3rd  of October. Remember to bring your lights if you are riding home from Leeston.

Racing has Started!




 3-Oct-2019: Racing Resumes the first Thursday after daylight savings starts.




New to cycling?


Want to learn how to ride in bunches and other hints? Have a look at these YouTube videos:

“Through & Off” / rolling through in a bunch

How to ride in a bunch

How to ride safely in a bunch - this is a British video, the rules numbers quoted won’t match ours, but the contents is good for all.


Thursday Night Club Racing

(please note that this information may change at any time and is meant as a guide only) 

Thursday evening is the only day of the week events are held other than the Leeston Classic. These races are held over the period of Daylight Saving.

The races are held over a 16km open road circuit, starting at The Leeston Rugby Football Club carpark and finishing on Lake Road in Leeston (the start and finish lines are approximately 1km apart). Cost to enter each race is just $2.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Start Times: The final entry time for Social and Development is 5.50pm with a start time of 6pm and for the Seniors 6.20pm with a start time of 6.30pm.

For those wanting a good warm up before the race and warm down after, a group of riders leave from the Lincoln roundabout on Springs Rd at approximately 5:20 p.m. Bring your lights for the ride home as there is little light by the time the group gets back to Lincoln. 

Cancellations: While every effort will be made to put a note on the website if the Thursday night racing is cancelled, it may not always be possible. Please check/subscribe to the Facebook or Strava pages, or text one of the Club’s officers.

Prize Money: The first male and female winners of the open points series competition will each receive $200. The winner of the Social and Development points series completion (regardless of sex) will receive $50.

There is also prize money up for grabs in the DB Cup but only to those riders who are paid up members of the Leeston Cycling Club. Non members can still race but will be started at the back of the field for fairness to those racing for prize money.

Membership Fees: $5 for juniors & $15 for seniors. Prospective members must pay their subscription before they ride their second race. In addition to the sub, all riders must hold a Bike New Zealand Licence. 

Feel free to have a ride and enjoy the race but if you like it and want to continue then you know the story: no subscription or licence, no race.

Club Officers

President, Mark Booth      027529 1616

 Vice President, Jay Christie 027 603 9659

 Secretary, Anna Epiha             0275 511 8654   

 Treasurer, Albert Anderson       027 306 0851

 Handicappers,  Steve Caldwell     027 322 7047 , and Jay Christie 027 603 9659


Club Rules

1. Approved helmet must be worn at all races and events.
2. Aero bars are to be used only in time trial events.
3. All road rules must be observed at all times.
4. Marshalls' and officials' instructions must be obeyed.

Trophy List

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